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All Things Marine

Here at Rev Powersports, we do our very best to keep your vessel running smoothly out on the water, while also offering specialized customizations to keep turning heads for years to come!

What We Offer...


We offer a variety of services, from routine maintenance and tune-ups to engine repairs and troubleshooting. Whether you need your inboard or outboard motor fixed, or just a winterization check-up, our staff can ensure your boat is safe and reliable for your next adventure.

Custom Builds

Going above and beyond to make your dream vessel become a reality, perfectly suited to your needs and desires. This option is ideal for both serious boaters and those who just want to stand out from the crowd. With meticulous detail, we'll have you riding in style before you know it.


Offering a variety of parts for your vessel to help function and create an even more enjoyable experience. Be sure to check out our vast array of parts! We ensure that you will find what you need here at Rev Powersports. Need help installing any of our parts, we've got you!



We offer multiple audio add on options that will keep heads turning all summer long...

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Our lighting add on options will turn any basic get up into something that no one will forget...

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Winter & 

Winterization and summerization are two crucial processes for boat care, each preparing your vessel for opposite seasons. Winterization protects your boat during cold storage. Summarization, on the other hand, gets your boat ready for summer use. This involves removing antifreeze, replacing engine oil and filters, and checking all systems to ensure a smooth and safe boating season!


"They are awesome! They always have went above and beyond for all of the repair’s they have done for me. I highly recommended them to anyone that needs a repair on a ATV, UTV, or boat. All ways fair on all the parts that they have gotten for me."

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